Pattie Woods Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Pattie Woods Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Pattie Woods, Vice President of Training and Development at Fogelman Management Group, shares her expertise and insights regarding inspiring financial results with valuable leadership practices designed to create great residence experiences and understanding the next generation workforce.


QUESTION 1: What are some leadership best practices with success stories that demonstrate how those practices impact financial results within your organization?

  1. Focus on Working Hard and Playing Hard
    1. “Fun Committee” within corporate office
    2. Parties, field trips, in-office activities, challenges
    3. All it takes is 10 minutes to raise the energy level of people in the room
  2. Onboarding
    1. Building value with new associates
    2. Start from hiring day
    3. Get paperwork done before associate even starts – online is best
    4. Give them access to social sites, invite them to activities before they start
    5. First 90 days is key
    6. Mentorship

QUESTION 2: How can culture help to drive financial results and productivity?

  1. Family Company – Culture
    1. Vision Statement – didn’t mean much to new associates
    2. Shifted to Culture Statement – What is it that you want people to say about you?
    3. 4 Culture Statements, program developed around those statements
    4. Every associate receives a Fogelman Culture Card with the 4 Culture Statements
    5. Everyone can buy-in, recognition program regarding Culture Statements – Fogelman Difference Award

QUESTION 3: How does communication impact effectiveness within your organization?

  1. Software Programs
    1. Associates can ask questions and get answers very quickly
    2. Links to training
    3. Time-saving program, high impact
  2. Revise Policies and Procedures
    1. Complete and total revision of every single policy within company
    2. Accessible online 24/7
    3. Associates have an email address to send questions
    4. Committee to review questions and develop new policy if applicable

QUESTION 4: How does your organization approach employee engagement and employee retention?

  1. Longevity
    1. 9.9 years average within corporate office
    2. Many support roles created, giving opportunities for growth
  2. Motivations / Incentives
    1. What does the associate want to do with their job?
    2. “Stay Interviews” rather than exit interviews
    3. Everybody has different needs, talents
    4. What makes them tick
    5. Associates are evaluating company as well, to see if they made a good decision by taking the job
  3. Recruitment
    1. Getting them in the door is easy, keeping them may not be
    2. Ask associates what will make them stay – not always money
    3. Always have open communication and give them opportunities for growth

QUESTION 5: How do you keep your associates motivated and growing?

  1. Planning
    1. If you don’t have a plan for an associate to grow, they will grow somewhere else
    2. Ask them, what is your direction, what do you want to learn next?
    3. Internal internships
    4. If there is no opportunity for growth, is there another project you can offer?

QUESTION 6: How do you effectively execute a plan and why is it important?

  1. Managers may say are too busy
    1. Is this something that only I can do?
    2. Can I delegate this to someone else?
    3. What is keeping me from completing this plan?

QUESTION 7: How do you maintain credibility as an organization?

  1. Be involved
    1. Ratings and reviews online
    2. People look at your responses
    3. Be a part of all of those conversations


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